Fluoxetine Cap 40mg

Other side results feature drowsiness, dizziness, light queasiness, irregularity, upset tummy, weight modifications, sleep problems, minimized sex drive, completely dry mouth, stuffy face and aching throat.

This medication is likely to impact the health or an unborn or nursing child.

Prior to beginning the treatment, inform your healthcare supplier if you have heart problem, a recent record of heart strike, diabetic issues, liver disease, or seizures.

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Prozac must not be taken with thioridazine, pimozide, or monoamine oxidase preventions (MAOI).

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Such people are required to visit their physician on a regular basis during the first 3 months of the therapy to ensure there is no danger to their health and wellbeing.

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The following side results are considered light and do not should be reported: queasiness, sore throat, anxiety, weak point, dry mouth, reduction of appetite, modifications in sex drowsiness, weight, and drive loss.

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Prozac may boost the incidence of suicidal thoughts particularly in young people during the first few months of procedure. You might really need a dosage adjustment, or your physician will certainly advise stopping the treatment with some other medicine if it's not crucial.

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